Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Am So Sad And Mad

I am so sad and mad. About 3 hours ago I heard a noise outside to do with the chickens so I went out to the porch and 4 large dogs were in my yard and 1 of them had killed a chicken and was eating it right in front of me. I started screaming at them and they started to charge me but I guess I looked crazy enough that they took off. They came back 2 times trying to get more chickens and I had to...
run them off with a big broom. I called animal control and they came out but couldn't find them, either could my neighbor. The man from animal control said I had every right to shoot them if I wanted to since they were agressive toward me and had killed livestock. I don't have a gun and don't really want to take that route but I may have to. I just want to be left alone to raise my hens and sell the eggs that help me make ends meet. I started with 20 and now I am down to I hope 9. I say 9 because I can only find one, the rest have gone into hiding.

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